mandag 6. april 2009

iPhone Sunrise / Sunset applications

Landscape photographers love to shoot in the hour around sunset and sunrise. But how do you know when an where the sun will show up or disappear?

There is several iPhone applications that helps you to calculate the movement of the sun and the moon. I have tried several free applications, but these two applications is all I need to know when the sun & moon will be where :)

Sunrise (1$) is a simple utility to calculate sunrise, solar noon, and sunset times, as well as the phase of the moon.
By default, it shows the information for the current day at the current location, but Sunrise can calculate any day in the past or future for locations around the world.

Sunrise uses iPhone and iPod touch’s ability to locate itself to determine the latitude and longitude for its calculations, so you don’t have to pick a city or location — it’s automatic.

In addition to using the current location, Sunrise has a self-contained list of locations from around the world for displaying times for other locations, or for iPod touch users who cannot use location services.

When using locations from the database, Sunrise can operate without a WiFi, cellular or GPS signal.

The Focalware iPhone Application Helps Photographers and Filmmakers Know the Position of the Sun and Moon - Anywhere, Any Time
Focalware is a photography application that calculates the position of the sun and moon anywhere in the world and at any time by utilizing GPS location and date information.

Focalware helps photographers and filmmakers around the globe plan optimal shots with accuracy and maximize their shooting schedules. For example, if a photographer has an assignment for a shoot in New York City on March 15, 2009 and the building in the shot faces 195 degrees but the photographer prefers raking light at an angle of 130 degrees, Focalware instantly computes a time of 10:28 a.m. with a sun elevation of 35 degrees as the time for the desired conditions.

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