mandag 3. november 2008

Are you a Grease Monkey

I just can't live without Firefox. It's not because it's faster than Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome or Safari, but because there is so many cool extensions for Firefox.

One extension is Ad-Block that removes those anouing adds, another is No-Script that increases the security when I'm surfing the Internests :)

But the best extension is GreaseMonkey, that lets you insert JavaScript code into any webside like GMail or Youtube.

Userscripts is a common description for those small code snippets that is loaded into web pages. You can develop you own userscripts, or choose from thousands of free userscripts, made available in the very active Grease Monkey community.
You'll find most userscripts on

GreaseFire is a specialized extension for Firefox that finds suitable userscripts for any given webpage.

I'm using userscripts on many different websites like GMail, Facebook, YouTube, but it is on Flickr I find the most useful GreaseMonkey userscripts like:
  • Check Play
  • View on Flickriver
  • Move comment from up
  • Photo Rank
  • Disable photo notes
  • Buddy Icon Reply
  • Refer Comment
  • Easy Photo Post
  • Flickr Follow Comments

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